Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beauty on a Budget

This is a main floor I completed in November 2008. My client had a pretty tight budget, about $2000, but want her home to look elegant and cozy.

She had a few pieces she wanted to keep, like this Gibbard dining set (circa 1870-1900?) purchased in 1970 for $100. Yes, you read right - $100 for a 9 piece set. She's quite the bargain hunter! My client was also keeping her sofa. Though 12 years old, it was in great shape and in a neutral brown chenille. Not so hard to work with. A swivel rocker in blue also made the cut and was the basis for our accent colour.

We started with the wallpaper, a cream tone on tone botanical pattern, as the accent wall on the back wall of the dining room and the TV wall in the living room. I had a custom paint made to the background of the paper to ensure a perfect match.

We then purchased two units from IKEA; a bookcase and TV unit from the Markor series. With the clean, yet traditional lines and dark stained wood they were a great match for the Gibbard dining set.

Next came art and accessories. We purchased new drapery panels - a steal at $11 per panel. All new artwork and accessories came from Homesense, Canadian Tire, Bouclair, and Fabricland. We got some really interesting pieces at great prices. I also raided all her cupboards, closets and other rooms. You'd be surprised what a fresh perspective can do with the old knick-knacks we've all got stored away.

All in all, we came in under budget at around $1800. Not bad.

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