Friday, March 13, 2009

Steven, Chris and Tracy

I read in a forum today that Steven and Chris has been cancelled. I admit I'm not that surprised. They were great as the Designer Guys (much better than the three now, who are a little dull, in my humble opinion), but their talk/lifestyle show never had the same appeal to me.
In the forum I also read that some viewers thought they should take over for Tracy Moore on Cityline. I then proceeded to look up Tracy Moore and found more forums and these ones were not kind to her at all. They were actually pretty rude. I was never a faithful Cityline viewer when Marilyn Dennis was the host, but not because there was anything wrong with her. I just didn't really relate to her. Now that I'm home with my daughter (13 mos. old and VERY cute...not that I'm biased) I have time to indulge in a little daytime TV. I think Tracy is a great host. She's young, stylish, energetic and fun. Which is what that show needs in a host. Fashion, decor, and food are fun - who wants a stodgy host!? Keep up the good work Tracy!
APRIL 10/09 -- A few weeks ago I came across Tracy's blog Baby Steps, which I totally relate to, having a 14 month old daughter (and a 6 year old son, but he's a whole other story!). In her post about babies playing with everything but their toys, she asked readers to email her with a few of the things they use to occupy their little ones. So I did, and she added my list to her blog. Check it out! Toys. Who Need 'Em? Part 2


  1. I've never watched Steven and Chris. Their commercials make me cringe. You know I have absolutely nothing against gay people, but effeminate men are like nails on a chalkboard!

  2. I like Steven & Chris, but have never gotten into their new show either. In the beginning especially, Steven looked SO scared!! I also preferred their version of The Designer Guys over DG III.

    I haven't seen Cityline for ages. I used to record the Tuesday & Thursday shows, but then when they got into auditioning new guest hosts and airing lots of repeats, I stopped recording it.

    I've also read a lot of negative stuff about Tracy Moore -- probably at the same place you read it!! I have a friend who's a devoted Cityline watcher and really likes her. I've only seen Cityline a couple of times since Tracy started hosting, so I don't really have an opinion of her one way or the other.

    Not sure if Steven & Chris would be good hosts for Cityline -- I think their forté is designing homes, and would love to see them back on HGTV with a new design show.

    Kelly @ DesignTies