Friday, May 15, 2009

Hooked on Yellow!

A strange thing has least liked colour is my current favourite! I still don't love it on walls, but have come around to it's sunniness in fabrics, accessories and art. I especially love yellow paired with green, pink, orange, white and teal, either separately or all together!

A cool lighting fixture, but a little creepy too?

Reminds me of pink lemonade!

A little too much yellow for my tastes, but pretty all the same!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hooked on Damask!

This is my first Hooked on Fridays post, but not my last, as I'm hooked on tons of things!
I LOVE damask! Right now it's a super hot pattern and I can't get enough! I love how bold and graphic it is, how traditional, yet modern and how colourful and funky it can be!

Strange, though, I say how much I love it, but don't have it anywhere in my house! Maybe I'll use it as an accent wall in my bedroom...though I've changed my mind so many times, the room will probably stay the same for at least another year!

Too pretty to eat!

Super cute Tommy Bahama swimsuit. Too bad my bikini days are long gone...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Design Heart Throbs in Ottawa

I wonder who likes Colin and Justin more? Gay men or straight women? If last Sunday's turn out at the Women's Show is any indication, I'd say the girls win. And C & J know how to play it up!
I attended their second on-stage appearance of the day, grabbing my seat close to the front early (the better to see up their kilts, of course!). Ok, not really with the kilts - I didn't need to sneak a peek - Justin came out and immediately twirled, giving us a free show. And they matched his purple ensemble....but enough about what's under the kilt...I am a married woman, after all!

Colin and his signature gigantic boutonniere!
Though the show was supposed to be about design trends, C & J spent a good part of the hour bantering with the audience, teasing the few men in attendance and mocking (in good fun) other design superstars, like Debbie Travis (who I've met twice, but that's another story). When they finally got to their slideshow it was really a before and after of some of Canada's worst homes. Well, worst homes until C & J got to them. Some were pretty stunning.

Colin with his eyes closed. I somehow catch people like this quite often.
After the show C & J signed my copy of their new book Colin & Justin's Home Heist Style Guide and took a picture with me.

Did you know they posed for Harlequin Romance covers?? Sorry the pics are so small!
Colin is quite believable as an ancient Scot...obviously!
Apparently Justin's bleached hair was better suited for a modern officer of the law.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Things I Discovered in April

April 2 - A great blog! DESIGNTIES
April 3 - Egg yolks don't scramble.
April 7 - A great LOCAL bedding company for kids! SASSYBRATS
April 10 - Tracy Moore knows I exist. BABY STEPS
April 15 - 97th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.
April 22 - Maura Daniel Couture Lighting - Gorgeous lighting fixtures! MAURA DANIEL