Friday, May 15, 2009

Hooked on Yellow!

A strange thing has least liked colour is my current favourite! I still don't love it on walls, but have come around to it's sunniness in fabrics, accessories and art. I especially love yellow paired with green, pink, orange, white and teal, either separately or all together!

A cool lighting fixture, but a little creepy too?

Reminds me of pink lemonade!

A little too much yellow for my tastes, but pretty all the same!


  1. I am with you. All of a sudden I really like yellow in accessories and pillows. I use to only like gold, not yellow, but now I love how cheery it looks. It's funny how our taste changes. Great pics. Hugs, Marty

  2. I'm still not a fan of yellow, although I've seen some nice yellow rooms or rooms with yellow in them. A little while back, HomeSense had black & white & yellow bedding on display in their bed vignette, which I liked. And I do like the rooms you've posted here :-)

    Yeah, that light fixture IS a bit creepy!! I can't decide if it looks like something from a sci fi movie or a jellyfish!! Hmmmmm... maybe a jellyfish from a sci fi movie ;-)


  3. I mean there is yellow and then there is yellow (and yellow and yellow). Right now we've got some Benjamin Moore 2B 327 "Pure Joy" rattan chairs - very popular and "Simply Irresistible" walls; it a pale but happy yellow. And I used to be anti yellow!

    Our designer friend came over one day, saw a place and said, "you need something yellow there." So he searched the house and found a yellow thing, put it in the place and darn, it was perfect. It lit up a place that was almost invisible before and made a hallway seem bigger. It was magic.

  4. I love that pink dining room with the yellow chairs! I hadn't thought before of that color combo - but I'm really loving it!

  5. This post is like a breath of fresh spring air!

  6. I love the pink lemonade combo! It DOES look like a lemon jellyfish!

  7. I do love yellow but have only used it three times in decorating.
    Once in my daughters room when she was around three/four years old, in a small laundry room and when I did my Grandson's Nursery. They were definitely 'happy' rooms.

    Great examples Sarah. :) -Brenda-