Friday, May 8, 2009

Hooked on Damask!

This is my first Hooked on Fridays post, but not my last, as I'm hooked on tons of things!
I LOVE damask! Right now it's a super hot pattern and I can't get enough! I love how bold and graphic it is, how traditional, yet modern and how colourful and funky it can be!

Strange, though, I say how much I love it, but don't have it anywhere in my house! Maybe I'll use it as an accent wall in my bedroom...though I've changed my mind so many times, the room will probably stay the same for at least another year!

Too pretty to eat!

Super cute Tommy Bahama swimsuit. Too bad my bikini days are long gone...


  1. Damask and allover bold patterns are the best- the color combos you have featured are so fresh and modern too. Just bought a summer bag - linen with orange damask - great fun!

  2. Love it! That damask bikini is fun. :-)

  3. I'm the same -- I really like damask, but there's no damask in our house. One day!!

    I really like the black & white damask chair and the cake -- that is SO cool!!! :-)


  4. I love damask, too! I'm more of a traditional girl, so I generally keep it black & white or tone on tone. I love that it transcends styles and accents so beautifully.

    Love your blog!

  5. Me too Sarah. It is so timeles and versatile.