Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great Deals at Fabricland!

There's nothing I love more than a great find...except a great find at a low price! I'm a big believer in spending money wisely and finding budget friendly solutions to home decor problems.

My favourite store right now is Fabricland. I usually hit the one in Kanata on Hazeldean since I'm in Bell's Corners, but the one on Merivale is full of interesting fabrics and accessories too. They actually had quite a few more cushion covers than the Kanata store the last time I was there. And if you're a Sewing Club Member you get all sorts of discounts, usually in the 40% - 50% off range.
Here are a few of the great finds I've come across:
A pretty pink and green scheme for my baby girl. I didn't want a baby pink cutesy room that was too precious, but being my only daughter (and ally in a house full of testosterone!) I had to have some pink. I also wanted a room that would last her a few years. Paired with creamy walls and off white furniture, the colours pop in this fresh and pretty scheme.
Pink, cream and green checked fabric - reg. $21.95/mt
Pink tweed - reg. $14.95/mt
Botanical - reg. $16.95/mt
Trim - reg. $7.95/mt
All 40% off at time of purchase
This is my main floor colour scheme. Sophisticated blue-gray and brown are accented by a brighter blue and a few green accessories (like the dog bed, which I didn't include a picture of).
Drapes - ready made - reg. $24.95 for 2 panels
Large scale floral - reg. $21.95/mt
Small scale floral - reg. $16.95/mt
Blue circles cushion cover - $14.95
I already had the dark brown cushion, but I purchased a button-making kit for $5.95 and made the button with some discontinued fabric I had lying around.
All 40% off at time of purchase.
More cushion covers. Also $14.95 each and 40% off.
Some great floral fabric. A bit hard to tell from the picture, but the flocked pattern is bright pink in some spots - you can kind of see it on the right hand side. On sale for $8.00/mt. What a steal!
More cushions. The cream feather cover was $14.95 and 50% off, I believe. The two blue ones are from Homesense (another great place to shop for deals! Can't wait for the new one at Bayshore!) and were about $16.99 each.


  1. Oh I so agree, I LOVE fabrics of all kinds. I can wander around in a fabric store for hours and hours and usually do. lol The fabrics you've chosen are all just stunning. I love them all and the prices are terrific. Great job, this was some real eye candy. Hugs, Marty

  2. I want to go fabric shopping with you, and I want that purple circle fabric cushion!!

    Seriously -- next time you go to Fabricland, let me know!!


  3. Hey!

    Kelly - I'll definitely call you next time I go...and I'm pretty sure there were more purple circle ones, but I did get it in Kanata, so try there if Merivale's out.

    The rectangular pink pleated one came in some other great colours too like yellow and bright green.

    At those prices you can afford to switch them up regularly!

  4. Sarah, re Fabricland prices. Yes agree, can't go wrong! Was told, they are having a BIG sale this coming week. Believe it starts Wednesday (Baseline/Merivale Rd location).

    Re Textiles stores, just wish there were more located here in Ottawa. I also like Rockland Textiles (pricing reasonable). The staff at C&M Textiles are very helpful but fabrics can be obtained thru most Upholstery locations or Benjamin Moore Stores for that fact. (Pricing though is a big OUCH!)

    Love the baby's room and main floor color scheme 'n selection. Hope you hear shortly from the Gov't re your application. -Brenda-