Monday, April 27, 2009

We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Hi Everyone!

Well, I'm back from two weeks of stress, hard work and not enough sleep. My application to the OSEB (Ontario Self Employment Benefits) program is complete. The program is basically in place to help people who have been on EI (in my case, Mat leave with my DD) to start their own business with funding and business coaching.

I had to write a mini business plan, complete with financial projections (blech), a marketing plan, etc. all within a week, which is why I was not writing anything here. Then I had to present my business with prototypes during a half hour interview. Nerve-wracking! Not really sure how it went, but fingers crossed!

So here's the idea - instead of just being a regular interior decorating service, I'd like to become more of a consultancy - in that after a detailed interview with a client (either in person or over the internet), I would do all the sourcing (paints, fabrics, yardages needed, furniture, etc.), draw a floor plan and create a board. I would then mail the package to the client so that they could implement the design as their budget and timeframe allows, but have a completed plan to refer to. That way they're not struggling with purchases, not know whether they will fit or match existing pieces and are also not committed to completing a whole room or house all at once.

Since I didn't actually have a client to work with (and very limited time to complete my "package"for the interview) I used my own bedroom and redesigned it for the most part the way I would like it (though I've already changed my's hard designing for myself!).

Here's the board and display I created for the interview:

A close up of the board:

A close up of the bed perspective:

A close up of the floor plan (done in my DS's Crayola markers and pencil crayons - my Pantone markers are still missing...grrr):

A close up of the drapery fabric - LOVE IT!

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  1. Hi Sarah! Great design plan. Best of luck on your interview. I am sure you will do well. Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to chatting with you in blopshere!

    P.S. Love your Barbie post! :)